Property Preservation Services

What are Property Preservation Services?

Property Preservation is the process of ensuring that an asset is being maintained to certain standards that prevents further damage and destruction of a property that is often vacant or abandoned. Typical customers needing these types of services are within the financial industry, but can also be absentee owners or vacation property owners.

What services may be entailed?

Often the precise services requested are already outlined by the end-customer in the work order. Generally speaking though, they comprise an inspection to ensure the property is still secure, has not sustained damage, and advise back on what items may need to be addressed. However, the options are nearly limitless and available “a la carte”!

What are the options?

Although not a complete list, the most applicable include:

  • Occupancy inspections – defining whether the property is inhabited or not
  • Vacancy inspections – regular checkups on the property to ensure no further damage or occupancy has occurred
  • Trash-out – the removal of debris interior/exterior
  • Declaration of hazardous items found
  • Winterization – minimize the risk to plumbing system from freezing damage
  • Secure the property – change lock(s) (primary structure and out buildings), add key box, board-up holes, etc.
  • Simple roof repair – cover holes that would allow entry of precipitation, wildlife, or otherwise
  • Yard maintenance – mowing, pruning, snow removal as to prevent local code violations
  • Safety – terminate exposed wiring, cover ground holes, stair railing, or otherwise applicable
  • Thorough documentation  – conditions found, services performed, condition left in
  • Utility management – discontinue services or maintain services as directed
  • Specialized reports – to detect presence of mold, asbestos, lead, meth lab, radon, or other environmental condition as requested
  • Demolition – destruction of inherently hazardous out buildings
  • Carpet removal
  • Fence repair
  • Pest extermination
  • Dead animal removal
  • Auto removal
  • Basic cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Sump pump replacement
  • Notification posting
  • Others as directed or required